No longer will you need to rely on third party delivery systems for your site banner ads!

Integrated Module & Extension

Fully integrated back-end and front-end support. Using a basic tag structure, you define number of ads to display, order of display and ad-grouping.

Full control of HTML to extend functionality

You get full control of the HTML/jQuery, we give you simple tags such as {ad_url}, {ad_image} and {ad_title} to control as you wish! We just do the hardwork behind the scenes.

Supports multiple ads-per-page

With AdManager you assign ad 'blocks' (known as 'ad-groups') allowing you to have a 'header', 'side' and even 'footer' banners all on one page.

Simple ad reporting

With a single click of a button you can inform your advertisers how many impressions and/or clicks their ad(s) have received as well as the click-thru-rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) with the clear and concise UI.