Hippo 2.0 site in its final stages

# Hippo is celebrating its 2nd birthday in March this year, so we're the final design stages of a new corporate site which will see a bit of a brand centralisation aswell as a slight image refresh.

2012 is all about making our own assets easier to manage and bringing them all into the Hippo fold and concentrating on our core services. Making a big deal and shouting about what we're good at!

ExpressionEngine 1.x Add Ons no longer supported

We've taken the decision to stop supporting our EE1.x add ons as of Jan 1st. We've tried to maintain both EE1 and EE2 add ons alongside each other (most of our EE1 add ons are 'free') - however, the numbers just don't stack up any more, so although they're still going to be downloadable, they will be unsupported.

AdMan 2.0 development has finally started!

# For those of you fantastic people who have purchased AdManager licenses, we finally started development of AdMan 2.0 which will have new features and fix a number of bugs in the current 1.x release. At the moment, we're still working on the final feature-set for the first release - so are unable to commit on release dates as of yet, but stay tuned!

New add ons in the pipeline

We've set aside some internal time to work on some great new add ons which are long overdue! Some are standalone, some extending functionality of existing commercial add ons.

We're going to keep this update understandable vague at the moment, but will release some more information once we get further on in the development.

2012 is a 'brilliant' year for eCommerce!

# 2012 is all about eCommerce for us and we've got some 'brilliant' projects going live in the coming weeks/months. A lot of man-hours have been invested into a number of eCommerce sites powered by the fantastic BrilliantRetail leveraging its powerful functionality, even bending it to our will in ways not imagined before! We're looking forward to releasing them all to the world!

This year, we're going to be pushing our unique position as UK Development Partners of BrilliantRetail and plan on launching a number of fantastic sites and intiatives to demonstrate its power and flexibility. I urge you to take a look at it if you haven't and why not use Coupon code 'hippo', so you can get discount on us!

We're going for growth!

Our new recruit Shaun Warren has successfully completed his 3-month probationary period working for us and we're happy to report that he's accepted a permenant position as Junior Programmer. He has settled into life at Hippo brilliantly and has been working feverishly on various ExpressionEngine projects as well as looking at a number of custom addon ideas. We're excited about what the future holds for him here!

The growth of the Hippo client-base has been outstanding and way above our forecasted figures. We now handle outsource development and consultancy for over 20+ agencies, studios and freelancers around the world. We're providing everything from basic jQuery development, ExpressionEngine site development to full custom add-on development and CodeIgniter projects.

2012 is all about more growth and more expansion with more staff and new offices! We're aiming to boost our outsource client-list to 30+ by the end of Q2. Look out for our adverts on the various EE-related sites in the coming weeks and if we can help you with any projects, you know where to find us!

..and finally, a little thank you from Hippo to our clients

# Thanks to the awesome guys at LoveMoleskine - we've got some amazing branded moleskine notebooks which are being sent out to you some of you lucky people as I write this!

We've got limited supplies at the moment, so if you don't get one in this round - we'll try to make sure we sent you one when we get a second set done!

Thats is for now folks! All thats left to say is that we wish you all the very best from 2012 and look forward to speaking to you all more later in the year!