Everyone whos anyone in the ExpressionEngine community will soon be descending upon Manchester to the EEUK conference 2013. With a wide variety of talk subjects on offer, it promises to be an exciting event.

We'll be there and are one of the speakers covering the subject of Multi-Lingual site development with EE.

There are an abundance of ways to produce a multilingual site in ExpressionEngine and whilst no specific solution is right or wrong, we're going to provide a little insight into how we've done multilingual sites in the past and where you can employ simple techniques to ensure that you don't develop yourselves into a corner or get into a situation where the CP becomes unwieldy and unmanageable for the client.

The aim of the talk is not to become a definitive way of accomplishing the task, but rather to create a discussion/thought process and to challenge the way that you may approach the build process at the moment.

With the use of various add-ons, planning your channel structures and layout effectively - you'll be able to launch a site in 2,3 or even 8 languages with relative ease.

To make the talk as useful as possible, I'm interested in hearing from you if you've built multilingual sites in the past. How many languages did you have? Were there any particular issues? How did the client deal with content? What would you do differently next time? Drop me an email at hello@madebyhippo.com