In such a short space of time, we've accomplished so much:

  • We're on the EllisLab Professionals Network.
  • We're proud to be providing support to Pixel and Tonic customers.
  • We're extremely pleased to be helping the guys at BrilliantRetail providing software support to their customers.
  • We're UK Development Partners with the fab guys over at Brilliant2 working on the awesome BrilliantRetail e-commerce for ExpressionEngine.
  • We've signed an exclusive partnership with Bournemouth based agency Orionesque to fulfil all of their technical/development requirements allowing them to concentrate purely on sales and marketing.

We've established our 'Agency Outsource Program' - a way for agencies large or small to outsource their design or development work to us. This has been an overwhelming success and we now have over 12 agencies on our books providing everything from basic consultancy, logo design, web & print design or simple jQuery/Javascript right through to full technical development, web-builds, custom ExpressionEngine Addons or large-scale Social and Search Engine marketing campaigns.

After the amazing success of our initial addon 'Snippet Files', we joined forces with Nico de Gols (HiredGuns) to collaborate on the next evolution of this, LibrarEE - an awesome ExpressionEngine addon which not only brings snippets and global variables to the filesystem, but also provides a way to interact with Specialty Templates and user notification templates. Take a look at

Locally, we've been asked to become a 'dragon' for a local primary schools initiative to promote ideas within the school but outside of the curriculum - we've donated up to £500 and students are going to be presenting their business ideas to us and the other dragons in April for a chance to win up to £3000 for their idea.

So what lays ahead for us? Well, there's lots of things on the horizon! Suffice to say we're *extremely* excited about the next 12 months and what it will bring.

If you'd like to know more about any of the services we offer - email us at