Well, here we are! Hippo is turning 2 today. What a two years we've had! Business is booming as much as it ever and we're loving it!

So, here's the new Hippo site in all it's glory! We've been through 3 different site concepts before finally deciding on this one - so we hope you like it!

Couple of things that we've done :

Blog Commenting

  • We've decided to stop using the built-in commenting functionality with ExpressionEngine in favour of a dedicated social commenting platform. We looked at a variety of systems including Disqus etc but finally decided on using the Facebook Comments. It's clean, clear and works well for us.

Renewed Business Focus

  • With the new site comes with it a renewed business focus concentrating on what we do best - Backend programming and development. The aim of this is to make sure that we put across the right message to all current and new clients to avoid any future confusions.

Multi-buy discount for some add-ons

  • You can now buy some of our add-ons in 5-pack and 10-pack uses to benefit from great discounts. Initially only offered on LibrarEE, we will be looking to extend this to some of our other add-ons as time progresses.

Bringing our add-ons in house

  • As nice as it was having these lovely dedicated websites for our add-ons, as we grow our add-on range its started to become unmanagable. So as of today, we're starting the process of moving our add-ons in house. This will mean that our dedicated sites for AdManager and LibrarEE will, over the coming weeks/months, start to redirect back to our new site. This leads us nicely in to our next point...

We've deployed using BrilliantRetail v1.1 RC1

  • A private release, we've been working with David at Brilliant2 to test the latest impending release of BrilliantRetail v1.1. We've been extremely happy with the way it's grown as an add-on and the new functionality is going to really push boundaries forward. Obviously we can't go into too much at this point on the finer details of what you can expect, but suffice to say we think you'll be suitably pleased!

Celebrate with a discount off any of our add-ons

  • For the next 2 weeks - we're offering discounts for anyone who uses the discount code 'birthday2' to a 15% discount on any of our add-ons.

So there you have it! We'd just like to thank all our clients to-date and look forward to working with any of you in the future. Hippo has a busy few months coming up and we're hopefully looking to release a number of new commercial add-ons as well as some more awesome client sites!