I've been a fan of The Charlatans since their first single Indian Rope came out back in 1990, since then i've loved every album they've released, in my own humble opinion i think they are the most consistent and original bands around. Anyway, as you do these days, i started to follow the singer Tim Burgess on Twitter and one morning spotted a tweet "Morning Tweets, Coffee?"

Soon as the tweet went out people started ordering form Tim's virtual cafe, it started with 20 then a queue of 35 as the word spread, it was fun, a little lift in the morning, then one afternoon another tweet read "need a logo" luckily i spotted it 2 mins after it went out so i mailed Tim immediately.

With some great input from Nick Fraser @house_party, the Tim Peaks Diner logo was created.


The logo now proudly sits on the super fast selling Tim Peaks Mugs available from the fantastic charity Trekstock and customers have included Ex-deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Noel Fielding, Carl Barat and Lauren Laverne. As of writing this, the followers have risen to over 10,000…

It's been a total pleasure to design the logo, and even better to work with a damn good songwriter in a damn good band, get yourself a mug for a tenner towards a great charity, and as you pass by Tim Peaks for a coffee, get your loyalty card stamped & stick summit on the jukebox would you?

@tim_burgess / @trekstock / #timpeaksdiner