Built in 2006 and a sister site to YoDiv, the site was concieved as a working proof of concept using Ruby on Rails, the Twitter API and (the now defunct) Alexa Thumbnail service. After relocating the system early in 2010 with Hippo as its new owners, we've worked on the brand for the past 9 months and today have taken the decision to shut the system down with immediate effect.

The site was the first (if not only) site that allowed 'divotees' to 'favourite' a site by way of twitter - sending a message to our beloved twitter divlet @divvoted. The divlet would then capture the front page of the website along with your tweet message and then display it on the site.


Designed by Wez Maynard, the site boasted impressive visitor numbers - reaching tens of thousands of visitors per week at its peak. 4 years later, we have decided the terminate the service and would like to thank all of the divotees that have contributed to the site over the years.

The divlet and yodiv brand will still be a part of Hippo and for those you enjoyed our divlet characters, we hope to bring them back for you in the future!

No decision has been made on the future of YoDiv at the moment - we have been approached by a number of senior divlets with a view to arranging an 'Div-Management Buy Out', but nothing has been decided.